• Reg. No. : IV-13/10
  • Reg. Trade Mark No. : TM 2189088
  • Reg. Copy Right No. : BCC 33488
  • Planning Commission No. : MP/2011/0039229
Who We Are


Board of Secondary Education Madhya Bharat Gwalior (M.P.) is situated of Killa Road in the remembrance the Patriotism. Lt. Shri Murlidhar Arya According to Indian Governments under the Act.1882 the Activity of the Board is whole in India. After is Death his fore Father’s and Grand Sons. Son of Shri Ganga Dayal Shakya Nominated in 1882 on Dated 17.07.2010 in Indian religion charitable the number of registration IV -13-10 and it is Nominated the Board Government of India planning commission. which registration no is MP/2011/0039229. The Board of Secondary Education Madhya Bharat Gwalior (M.P.) is an Autonomies Board. The Board Institution and Indian constitution 29.30. Is granted the certified and education training the education is being given to the students to get the education is the Purpuse of the Board to the impress.