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Important Document for Affiliation
  1. Associate Society Certificate of trust.
  2. Society trust constitution certificate copy.
  3. Management College/School copy.
  4. School/College to Attested to copy proposal.
  5. School/College Building Certified Map.
  6. School/College Building Photo Graph.
  7. School/College Bank Draft Rs.2000/- (Survey Fee) Pay at Board of Secondary Education Madhya Bharat Gwalior (M.P.)
  8. School/College Staff List.
  9. School/College Two Passport Size Photo, ID Proof and Supperdents.
  10. Manager/ Supperdent Notary Stamp Rs.100/-.
  11. School/College the Accurated Recognized Fee Rs.50,000/-  in name of Board of Secondary Education Madhya Bharat Gwalior (M.P.). after 15 day College will be declared.
  12. 1. Principal Office (1)        
    2. Staff Room       (1)      
    3. Library Room   (1)
    4. Class Room      (2)      
    5. Science Lab     (1)